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That said, preppy is not an easy look. It has to be carefully cultivated and must reflect in your entire wardrobe, including of course, the shoe. The tassel loafer has a classic element. The New York Times traces its origins to the elegant era of the 20's, when Paul Lukas, a debonair film actor, who had starred in "The Lady Vanishes" and "Watch on the Rhine," asked his custom shoemakers in New York and Los Angeles to design a shoe he had brought from Europe with small fringed tassels tied to the ends of the laces. The Alden Shoe Company in Middleborough, Massachusetts, later came up with its own modified version of the shoe for him which became famous with cordwainers worldwide. Our shoe is hand-crafted from smooth, calfskin leather. These slip–on loafers come with fine tonal stitching, a rich leather finish and exquisite craftsmanship. You will fall in love with these shoes the moment you lay your eyes on it

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COLOR Navy Blue Suede
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