1. Are your shoes completely made of 100% genuine leather?
    Yes! All of our shoe products are made from 100% genuine leather! The uppers are lined with soft cow skin whereas the soles are made of special Vegetable Tanned Leather which we get from a finely selected tannery in Italy. Our shoe, top to bottom, is 100% genuine leather.

  2. Which sizes can I get? / Which sizes do you stock?
    You can choose from a variety of sizes that we carry. We carry sizes 7/40,8/41,9/42,10/43,11/44 in our Ready wear stock. Choose which fits you well!

  3. What is the ‘bespoke service’ that you offer?
    To ensure complete satisfaction for our customers, we provide a Made to Order Service for all other special sizes (not mentioned in FAQ #2) including half sizes. This offer is, however, available only for our Karachi Studio at the moment.

  4. If I provide you with a picture of design, will you be able to copy it?
    Sorry, unfortunately we are not producing custom designed shoes currently.

  5. Do you have any outlets outside Karachi?
    Nope! But we are working on it. However, at the moment our only retail studio is located in Karachi.

  6. I like your products but I live outside Pakistan. Can you deliver your products outside Pakistan?
    Sorry L. At the moment, our delivery service is limited to Pakistan only but we are working on expanding our delivery service soon. Stay tuned for future updates on International orders.

  7. What is your return policy?
    We provide a free 14 days peace of mind return policy on our products. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your experience with our product, you can return it and get a FULL refund! We believe it is okay to change your mind. However, please note that the product must be in a saleable condition and no permanent or excessive damage must occur to the product.

  8. Do your products carry any warranty against manufacturing faults?
    Yes! All of our products are warranted with a standard 365 days warranty against manufacturing defects.

  9. Do you sell shoe waxes or polishes for your amazing shoes?
    Right now we do not, but we plan to soon. Stay tuned and keep visiting our products section!

  10. I want to order your shoes! What is your ordering process?
    So you found your desired product(s)! You can either order online instantly through our website, or order on phone or just email us at sales@tsmco.com.pk

  11. Do you guys make Rubber soled footwear?
    No. Right now all our shoes have leather soles but we plan to introduce some Synthetic soles for our collection very soon. Your feedback is always heard and appreciated!

  12. Due to certain medical conditions, I have been advised to use a certain support arch in my shoes. Will your bespoke service be able to make shoes according to those specifications?
    Yes, with our bespoke service we can alter the shoe to include your required support arch. After all, complete customer satisfaction and fitting is our goal!

  13. Are all of your products hand-made?
    All our shoes are completely handmade, using minimum machine work.

  14. Where do you manufacture your shoes? / Are your shoes made in Pakistan ?
    All our products are hand-made in our personal workshop in Karachi, Pakistan. We do not plan to or believe in outsourcing our production wing as this would lead to compromise on quality and we firmly believe in producing and servicing the best!

  15. Do you stock your products at any other showroom except yours?
    No. At the moment we only stock our shoes at our retail studio in Karachi. We have not yet stocked our shoes at any other showroom.

  16. How do I return a product?
    If you want to return a product, you can visit our store and return instantly there. Or you could simply give us a call and our courier will pick up the order from the place it was delivered to without any charges!

  17. I ordered a product but the size doesn’t fit me well. Can I change the size?
    Yes! Why not! You can have the size changed or even return your shoe for a full refund if you are unsatisfied with our product.
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