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This shoe wax by Saphir Médaille d'Or is a combination natural hard waxes used to quickly build up a beautiful glaze. The formulate is based on a mixture of montan, carnauba and beeswax among other waxes that Saphir is keeping confidential. The mixture is perfectly balanced together and mixed with natural solvents to get the best drying, holding and glossy wax possible.

It is recommend that this product be used in conjuction with products which would nourish the leather - such as Saphir cream 1925.

  • Contains no harmful resins or silicones
  • Produces unparalleled high-gloss shine
  • Contains 7 different waxes
  • All-natural, pine-based turpentine
  • Black
  • Made in France

Additional Information

COLOR Neutral
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